Wellness & Spa

Treat your body and senses to the right pleasure enhanced by panoramic views of the Beskydy Mountains.


A few morning steps at the sight of the awakening landscape will kick-start your day. A unique evening projection of the underwater world will wake you up to dream. The pool also includes a whirlpool for 8-10 people.

Po – Ne 7:30 – 20:00
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Pamper your body with the care it deserves. One of our five saunas will surely help you with this. In addition to a traditional herbal, Finnish or steam bath, we also recommend trying the beneficial effects of a salt sauna or our infrared sauna.

Mon – Sun 12:00 – 20:00
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Private Spa

Combine romance with relaxation and enjoy undisturbed moments with your partner in our offer of the Private ENDEMIT SPA, which can be exclusively available only to you after 20:00 in the evening. Relaxing music, candles and a bottle of delicious Italian Prosecco create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

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Our gym is available to all active exercise lovers. The absolute dominant feature of this space is the glass wall offering a panoramic view of the valley. Access to the gym is allowed for persons under 15 years of age only when accompanied by an adult. The escort is responsible for this person throughout the stay.

Mon – Sun 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m
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General information

Opening hours

Pool area and gym
Mon – Sun           7:30 - 20:00
Children under 3 years of age can only go to the pool and whirlpool in special diaper swimsuits with a tight elastic band around the legs. Persons under the age of 15 are only allowed access to the entire wellness center when accompanied by an adult. The escort is responsible for this person throughout the stay.

Sauna part
Mon – Sun        12:00 - 20:00
Children under the age of 3 are prohibited from entering all saunas except for halotherapy (salt chamber), where they are only allowed access when accompanied by an adult and must not disturb the peace of others. Children from the age of 3-15 are only allowed to enter the saunas when accompanied by responsible persons and must observe all principles of proper behavior in the sauna and, above all, must not disturb the peace of others. All saunas are only allowed to enter without a swimsuit with a sauna tarp, which the customer places under his whole body so as not to touch the wooden boards in any way.

Entrance fee for external guests

Adult person for max. 3 hours: 850 CZK
Children from 4 - 12 years for a maximum of 3 hours: 420 CZK
Children under 3 years: FREE

Visitation schedule

General provisions

These visitor regulations serve to comply with applicable regulations, protect the health and safety of visitors to the wellness center at Endemit Boutique Hotel&Spa, and must be strictly observed by visitors.
In the premises of this center, every visitor is obliged to behave in such a way that his behavior does not endanger the safety or health of himself or other visitors.
All actions upon arrival at the wellness center are performed in the following order:

➢ Acquaintance with the visiting regulations.
➢ The entrance to the dressing room is already a clean zone, so please remove your shoes in front of the dressing room.
➢ Putting clothes away in the dressing room.
➢ A proper washing of the whole body with soap and only then the visitor puts on a clean swimsuit and enters the pool area. Accomodated guests carry out this activity in their rooms.
➢ Registration at the wellness reception at the entrance to the pool area, collection of clean linen (towel, sheet) by external guests. Stayed guests will bring a wellness bag from their room, which already contains this linen. At the same time, the staff at the reception informs the guests about the current situation and compliance with the essential conditions of behavior in the center.

During their stay, the accommodated guest is allowed to enter the wellness center at any time during the operating hours, which he will be informed about at the hotel reception.
The public buys a single entry for a maximum of 3 hours between 12:00 and 20:00 and only if there is free capacity. The fulfillment of this condition must be informed in advance in person or by phone (703 188 188) at the hotel reception. Before entering the wellness center, the external visitor must show a valid identity document and undertakes to fully respect the wellness center's visiting rules and the instructions of the hotel staff.

➢ All visitors to the wellness center are obliged to observe the operating hours and visiting rules!
➢ Children under the age of 3 are prohibited from entering all saunas and can enter the pools and whirlpools only in special diaper swimsuits with a tight elastic band around the legs. Children from 3-15 years of age are only allowed to enter the saunas when accompanied by responsible persons and must follow all principles of proper behavior in the sauna.
➢ Access to the recreational pool and whirlpool is only permitted in a swimsuit or swimwear.
➢ Entry to all saunas is only allowed without a swimsuit with a sauna sheet, which the customer places under his whole body so that it does not touch the wooden boards in any way.
➢ Before sitting down on the benches in the steam cabin, the visitor of the seating area showers with a shower located in the steam bath, and repeats this activity when leaving.
➢ Persons under the age of 15 are only allowed access to the entire wellness center when accompanied by an adult. The escort is fully responsible for this person during the entire stay.

Obligations of visitors

➢ Before each entry into the cooling pool, recreational pool or whirlpool, visitors are required to take a shower, thoroughly wash off all cosmetics and observe personal hygiene.
➢ After leaving the sauna or steam room, the visitor is obliged to use the shower before entering the cooling pool. Visitors are advised that the recreational pool or whirlpool is not a cooling pool, so never enter the pool water without showering your body sufficiently and taking a short rest on a lounger. After the massage, the visitor is obliged to take a shower before entering the wellness center.
➢ Maintain the cleanliness of all areas of the wellness center and take care of your own safety and the safety of others during your actions.
➢ Visitors can deposit money and valuables at the wellness reception, otherwise the operator is not responsible for their loss. Objects found in the wellness center must be handed over to the wellness center employee or to the hotel reception, where they will be entered in the book of finds.
➢ Visitors are obliged to take care of the hotel's facilities and fully compensate for damages or losses caused by their fault to the hotel's facilities or to other people's property.
➢ The visitor is obliged to leave the wellness center and go to the changing rooms 5 minutes before the end of the operating hours.
➢ A wellness center employee can be called to provide first aid, who will call for medical help as needed.
➢ Visitors must move carefully on wet floors in order to avoid accidents in their own interest. Endemit Boutique Hotel and Spa is not responsible for damages and injuries caused by visitors' own carelessness or obvious failure to follow instructions.
➢ Visitors can make comments regarding operations or employees at the reception or with the manager of Endemit Boutique Hotel and Spa.

No entry to the wellness center

➢ For people affected by fever, COVID, conjunctivitis, skin or contagious diseases, parasites, rashes and diseases accompanied by discharge.
➢ To persons in quarantine for the occurrence of infection, family members or members of the household in which a communicable disease occurred and the sick person was not isolated.
➢ To persons who are drunk or under the influence of narcotic substances.
➢ Any animals. All animals are strictly prohibited.

Prohibited activities in the wellness center

➢ Behaving in a way that endangers safety and order.
➢ Diving, knocking, throwing each other into the water, running along the walkways and jumping from them into the recreational pool, whirlpool, and of course into the cooling pool.
➢ Calling for help without reason, disturbing the peace of other visitors.
➢ Entering saunas in a bathing suit and without a sauna sheet designed to support the whole body.
➢ Contaminate the water and other areas of the wellness center, especially by urinating, spitting and rinsing your nose or mouth in water, throwing away garbage and using soap and other hygiene products outside designated areas (bathroom with showers near the changing room).
➢ Smoking and consuming food and drinks in areas other than those designated for this purpose.
➢ Bring and consume your own drinks.
➢ How to handle any glassware and dishes.
➢ Entering the wellness center area with chewing gum.
➢ It is only allowed to enter the sauna area with bare feet. Any footwear in these rooms is prohibited.
➢ Bring inflatable, foam objects, fins, balls into the pool. (only inflatable sleeves and swimming goggles are allowed).
➢ Use any shaving equipment outside of the locker room area and the relevant bathroom.

In the event of a violation of the operating regulations by the customer bringing a glass object and breaking it in the wellness center, the wellness center will have to be closed, the entire water system drained and specially cleaned, the customer agrees to pay a one-time contractual fine of CZK 250,000. This provision on the contractual penalty does not affect the right of the authorized person to demand additional compensation for damages resulting from the restriction of the hotel's operation or its complete closure.

Exclusion from visiting the wellness center

A visitor who, despite a warning, does not comply with the provisions of these visitor regulations, disobeys the instructions of the responsible staff or behaves in any other inappropriate manner, will be expelled from the wellness center area without the right to a refund of the entrance fee. If the visitor does not leave the wellness center in such cases, the responsible staff request action directly from the Municipal Police and the Police of the Czech Republic.

Final provision

The operator reserves the right to close the wellness center for ordered groups of guests or for other serious reasons. The closure of the wellness center will be announced on the board at the entrance to the wellness center, at the reception and on the hotel's website.

Horní Bečva, on 1 January 2023