Tourist routes and cycle routes

Tourist routes in the vicinity of the ENDEMIT hotel

You can go directly from the hotel to several beautiful hiking trails or walks around the area. You can just walk around the dam or visit several nearby lookouts, look at the spring of Rožnovská Bečva, or take a hike along the ridge. We have selected the 8 most popular routes for you, which you can view by clicking on the image directly in the interactive map.

Tourist routes in Pustevny

If you have already walked all the routes around the hotel, or if you choose to visit the less popular tourist spot - Pusteven, we have several tips for you to spend an active day here. And if you want
a little more adrenaline, you can park your car in Trojanovice, take the cable car to Pustevny and then ride down on a scooter.

Cycle routes in the vicinity of the ENDEMIT

Lovers of mountain bikes or e-bikes will find
a large number of beautiful cycle routes in the vicinity of the Endemit hotel, which will allow them to discover the beauty of the Beskydy and Javorník mountains. You can ride along the Soláň - Bumbalka ridge or treat yourself to one of the picturesque circuits that will satisfy both beginners and experienced and trained cyclists.

Bečva cycle path

All cyclists, in-line skaters, hikers and cross-country skiers are welcome on the trail. The trail runs along the Bečva River with a total length of 152.6 km. Depending on taste and energy, it is possible to go in three directions:

Velké Karlovice – Valašské Meziříčí route with
a length of 56.8 km
Horní Bečva – Valašské Meziříčí route with
a length of 30.8 km
Valašské Meziříčí – Tovačov route with a length of 65.0 km